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BiocK subcommittee

The “BiocK subcommittee” refers to a project team formed to solve social issues through new businesses in the field of biotechnology in collaboration with companies, industries, the academia, and the government. The teams are formed depending on the themes and based on proposals from individual companies, involving institutions inside and outside the Kansai region. These teams will work together by contributing their respective technologies and knowledge.

Composition of the subcommittees and how to proceed with the activities:


Identification of social issues

Social issues for the year 2050

  • Environment and energy
  • Healthcare
  • Sustainable primary production system
  • Startup support

Determination of themes

Themes are determined based on proposals from different institutions.

  • Themes are long-term issues that cannot be solved by only one institution.
  • Themes will be promoted through open innovation.
  • A 5-year plan will be formulated for each theme.

Activity support

Support measures

  • Use of existing facilities
  • Use of public subsidies
  • Attracting investment
  • Evaluation mechanism

List of BiocK Subcommittees

1. Biomethane subcommittee

Environment and energy

Content of Efforts Carbon neutralization of energy
Leadership Organization Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.
Material PDFPDF

2. Plastic subcommittee

Environment and energy

Content of Efforts Bioplastic & Plastic resource recycling
Leadership Organization Saraya Co., Ltd.
Material PDFPDF

3. Mental health subcommittee


Content of Efforts Improving social productivity
Leadership Organization Shionogi & Co., Ltd.
Material PDFPDF

4. Personal Data Subcommittee


Content of Efforts Use of personal data
Leadership Organization Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation
Material PDFPDF

5. Wellbeing Subcommittee on Aspergillus (National fungi)

Lifestyle modification healthcare

Content of Efforts Elucidation of health and cosmetic effects of Aspergillus oryzae
Leadership Organization Gekkeikan Sake Co., Ltd.
Material PDFPDF

6. Lifestyle DX Subcommittee

Digital Health

Content of Efforts Updating Lifestyles with the Latest
Leadership Organization Suntory Global Innovation Center
Material PDFPDF

7. Toilets excellently add value to your life Subcommittee


Content of Efforts Supporting healthy living through the use of toilets.
Leadership Organization TOTO LTD.
Material PDFPDF

8. Smart Cultivation Subcommittee

Continuous primary production system

Content of Efforts Maximizing the use of biotechnology in the primary industry
Leadership Organization Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.
Material PDFPDF

9. Utilization of wood and CLT with DX

Large scale and Mid-to-high-rise building using wood and CLT

Content of Efforts Reuse of CLT with Building Information Modeling (BIM) data
Leadership Organization TAKENAKA CORPORATION
Material PDFPDF

10. Forest Environment Subcommittee utilizing KODOBOKU technology

Forest Environment Conservation

Content of Efforts Creating a forest of rich biodiversity.
Leadership Organization C-TECH CORPORATION
Material PDFPDF

11. Biofoundry Cluster Subcommittee

Manufacturing Value Chain

Content of Efforts Bio manufacturing
Leadership Organization Bacchus Bio innovation Co., Ltd.
Material PDFPDF

12. Subcommittee on Analysis and Measurement Technologies

All biotechnology fields

Content of Efforts Promoting bioindustry through analysis and measurement technologies
Leadership Organization Shimadzu Corporation
Material PDFPDF

13. Space Biological Experiments Subcommittee

All biotechnology fields

Content of Efforts Construct a democratized space biological experiment platform using satellite payloads from Japan
Leadership Organization IDDK Co., Ltd.
Material PDFPDF

14. Section committee changing the world of Biotechnology by sound

Biotechnology production system / Healthcare

Content of Efforts Use of sound to Biotechnology production system and healthcare area
Leadership Organization Onkyo Corporation
Material PDFPDF

15. Start-up subcommittee

Support for start-up

Content of Efforts Support for start-up in Kansai
Leadership Organization Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC)
Material PDFPDF

16. Subcommittee on Digital Biohealth


Content of Efforts General health industry city
Leadership Organization National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center(NCVC)
Remarks Field of JST co-creation
Material PDFPDF

17. Subcommittee on Photonics Life Engineering


Content of Efforts Photonics biotechnology
Leadership Organization Osaka University
Remarks Field of JST co-creation
Material PDFPDF

18. Well-Being with Bright Eyes Subcommittee


Content of Efforts Social implementation of happy lifestyles through digital health big data with a focus on ophthalmology
Leadership Organization Tohoku University
Material PDFPDF

19. Subcommittee on modality


Content of Efforts Manufacture of antibodies, gene therapy products, and vaccines
Leadership Organization Manufacturing Technology Association of Biologics (MAB)
Material PDFPDF

20. MedTech Innovation Subcommittee


Content of Efforts Cultivate human resources for the development of medical devices
Leadership Organization Osaka University/Terumo Corporation
Material PDFPDF

21. Subcommittee on cell production

Regenerative medicine

Content of Efforts Construction of an ecosystem for cell production
Leadership Organization Osaka University
Material PDFPDF

22. Regenerative Medicine Subcommittee

Regenerative Medicine

Content of Efforts Development of regenerative medicine
Leadership Organization Osaka University
Material PDFPDF

23. Health Functions Quotient

Prediction of and Prevention from Health Vulnerability

Content of Efforts Maximize Personalized Health
Leadership Organization Kobe University and RIKEN
Material PDFPDF

24. Food loss subcommittee

Continuous primary production system

Content of Efforts Innovative low food loss co-creation base
Leadership Organization Osaka University
Remarks Field of JST co-creation
Material PDFPDF

25. Subcommittee on Digital Green

Continuous primary production system / Digital healthcare/ Bioproduction system

Content of Efforts Realization of a sustainable society in which Keihanna Science City and nearby rural villages complement each other
Leadership Organization Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Material PDFPDF

26. Biomass subcommittee

Carbon neutral

Content of Efforts Realization of carbon zero emissions through biomass technology
Leadership Organization Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT)
Material PDFPDF

27. White bioindustry subcommittee

White bioindustry

Content of Efforts Biofoundry business
Leadership Organization Osaka University (representative sponsor)
Material PDFPDF

28. Human Resource Development in industrial Bio-production fields

Supporting trial manufacturing and educating engineers in bioindustry fields

Content of Efforts Bioindustry business
Leadership Organization Osaka Institute of Technology
Material PDFPDF

29. Future Urban Subcommittee

Sustainable society

Content of Efforts Dissemination of future intellectual infrastructure models
Leadership Organization Osaka University
Remarks Field of JST co-creation
Material PDFPDF